Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Voices for Life review

Voices for Life
December 15, 2010

Book Review: Red in the Flower Bed
by Melanie Small and Tina Mahar

"One day, a seed dropped
From a poppy flower
Onto the earth below.
But it was too dry,
And the poppy began to cry:
“Good-bye little one.
You will be missed you know,
but this is no place for you to grow.”

So she let the wind carry the seed
From east to west
Until they found a place
That was best."

Red in the Flower Bed, is a loving and delightful story written by an adoptive parent, for her daughter. Through poetry and colorful artwork, follow a tiny poppy seed's journey to a new garden bed, where she is nurtured and blossoms into the beautiful flower she was meant to be. Strong and vibrant, she completes her family's garden. Without the beauty of the red poppy flower gracing the other flowers, the garden just wouldn't be the same.

We highly recommend this book for young children to help them understand the meaning of adoption. Parents can snuggle up with there child and share this book in the comfort of a parents' arms. Red in the Flower Bed gently explains the gift of adoption, how much a child is loved even from the moment they were born, and that they are exactly where they are meant to be.

To order your copy, click here. A portion of the purchase will benefit Paul's Kids: Vietnam Children's Charity (

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