Friday, December 17, 2010

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Manga Maniac Cafe
December 17, 2010

A Look at Red in the Flower Bed by Andrea Nepa

by Julie Opipari

Red in the Flower Bed tells the story of a little poppy seed that is sent on a journey to find a new home. The land is too arid for the seed to bloom, so the poppy flower sends her away and the seed sails away on the wind to find a better place to take root. When she sails over a flower bed in a garden, the wind lets her go, releasing her to the earth so she can flourish in the more welcoming environment. As she blossoms into a beautiful red poppy flower, the other flowers in the garden welcome her and the bright splash of color she adds to their lives.

I love the textures of this book. The pages are created with cut-outs and vivid backgrounds that provide a visually arresting book. The narrative is told through rhyme, which isn’t my favorite form of prose, but it works well in the context of this book. The sentences are short and soft, following along as the seed travels to her new home and embracing the diversity of her new family. I liked that the book’s message is subtle, allowing for a wider audience.

Author Andrea Nepa wrote Red in the Flower Bed after adopting her daughter, Leah, from Vietnam.

For an excerpt of the book, click here.

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