Monday, December 20, 2010

Passionate Children's Servant review

Passionate Children's Servant
December 20, 2010

Red in the Flower Bed - Book Review
by Theresa Haskins

I selected this book to review for personal reasons; I, too, was adopted! Although our family was not interracial, I think the word adoption stirs up feelings of exclusion and rejection by many. To me, the word means “SPECIAL”. I remember asking my mother (the woman that raised me-she EARNED the honored title of Mother) WHEN she told me I was adopted; she said, “When I rocked you as an infant.” I asked her if she thought my natural mother ever thought about me; she said, “OF COURSE, especially on your birthday.” I also remember asking her if she HATED my natural mother, like I did; she said, “Oh no, I am truly grateful and thankful for your mother. She loved you so much, knowing she couldn’t provide for you, gave you away so someone else could; someone like me and your daddy!” For some reason, that made sense to me. I adored my mother and had an enormous amount of respect for her; so if that’s what she thought, I would think that too! Forever!

My sister was different; being adopted was difficult for her to accept. Although I have no idea if she asked my mother the questions I did, it was apparent she was bothered by the fact and never wanted anyone to know. Honestly, I didn’t care one bit; as a matter of fact, I was PROUD of it! I remember visioning my parents walking through a grocery store meat market – checking out all the little babies – and PICKING ME! I thought I must have been an adorable little girl and I MUST have been irresistible!

My dream is that every child would feel the way I did! And in my opinion, this little illustrated book sends that message, loud and clear! And if you’re a Christian (like me), there is NO DOUBT God placed US right where He intended us to be; in HIS rainbow! WE ARE VERY SPECIAL AND LOVED!

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