Monday, December 6, 2010

Super Mommy to the Rescue review

Super Mommy to the Rescue
December 5, 2010

Red in the Flower Bed - Review
by Stacie Lewin

Red In The Flower Bed – is a very beautifully illustrated book about interracial adoption. The story just blends beautifully. Really there is no boundaries in adoption. Color doesn’t matter as families blend together. It’s the love that is given and the acceptance that is felt just like in this story. Even though the flowers were different in colors they were happy to be a family. I felt that this children’s story was very comforting. I love how the story started out with just the seeds and the seeds were carried by the wind to find a perfect spot where they could bloom and shine. The illustrations in this book go beautifully with the story and I love all the colors in it.

If you would like to purchase this book you can buy it HERE.

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