Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Overthinking - Review

My OverThinking
February 22, 2012
Children's Home Society & Family Services
February 29, 2012

Overthinking Children's Adoption Themed Books
by Kelly Raudenbush

I can part with onesies that are too small and sneakers that have ran one too many miles. But, children's books? They aren't going anywhere. I may be reading aloud to the kids until they go to prom. Like. It. Or. Not.

Since my list and reviews of my favorites for Chinese New Year keeps getting visitors, I decided I'd follow it up with some adoption themed books that live on our shelves. Maybe you'll find some you need on your shelf too.

Red in the Flower Bed is a hidden gem. Gotta get this one. A poppy seed falls from the flower upon dry ground where it cannot grow and so it travels from east to west by the wind until she lands in the perfect garden. "What a tiny seed. It's just what we need," chimed the garden flowers as they wondered what that tiny seed would become. With some rain and lots of sun, you watch the seed grow and become a beautiful red poppy, the red flower that the garden was missing to make it a beautiful rainbow. A beautiful, subtly communicated story of adoption and one that will allow you as the parent the freedom to talk about how he or she "landed in the perfect spot," what a joy it has been to watch him or her grow, and the blessing he or she is to your family in a totally unique way.