Monday, December 6, 2010

Freebie Spot review

Freebie Spot
December 4, 2010

"Red in the Flower Bed" by Andrea Nepa (Blog Tour)
by Jenny

red in the flower bed Red in the Flower Bed by Andrea Nepa (Blog Tour)Red in the Flower Bed is a wonderful children’s book about interracial adoption. The story is about a little, black poppy flower seed that had to move on and find a better home because the ground was too dry. The little seed ends up finding a home amongst the roses, violets, and marigolds, and as it grows, the garden gets more and more beautiful. I love the illustrations in this book as well as the font used. Everything flows together very well. If you have a young, adopted, interracial child, I highly recommend this book. It is very cute, sentimental, and heartwarming.

Jenny Red in the Flower Bed by Andrea Nepa (Blog Tour)

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