Friday, December 10, 2010

OneDesertRose review

December 10, 2010

Tribute Books Blog Tour: "Red in the Flower Bed" by Andrea Nepa

by Linda Wagner

The whimsical butterflies and floral layout of the book is definitely eye appealing to children, as well as adults. It portrays the motherly love of the woman giving up the child, as well as enlivening the concept of adoption into a family where the very beauty of differences are complimentary. In fact, the differences are actually accepted as a completion, as in a rainbow. The floral layout is warm and airy, helping to ease the possible pain of rejection. The story is short and poetic, with enough busyness to keep the child’s attention.

The wind could easily be attributed to the Lord God Himself helping her to find a place to be loved and cared for. The floating seed is a gentle reminder of how carefully this child is placed. It’s gently settled into the family where she will grow and flourish, and the childlike craft work reaches the child’s level of understanding.

Had I not known it was a story of interracial adoption, it would be a difficult stretch for a child to comprehend the story on her own. It requires adult interaction with the child to understand, which is a delightful way for adoptive parents to tell the story of their child’s adoption. Very, very creative writing and designing! Highly recommended for parents with adopted children from another race. A pleasure to read and share!

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