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Day by Day in Our World review

Day by Day in Our World
December 11, 2010

Red in the Flower Bed, a Review

by Laura O'Neill

The older I get, the more I am exposed to books for children that are trying to teach a lesson without coming right out and say it.

Red in the Flower Bed is one such book.

Subtitled as a children's book on interracial adoption, this book was written by Andrea Nepa for her adopted daughter. The premise of the story is a red poppy seed that makes it's way far from it's origins to land in a flower bed where it is the only red flower. Instead of feeling like it was 'different' and 'didn't belong', the flower is finally at home with a rainbow of color.

This is a short book and could be used to help start discussions on adoption, whether there are any racial differences in the family or not. I'm not sure that my boys even picked up on the adoption theme from just the story. So, I would say that the message is subtle and not prone to overwhelming a young child that might be sorting out their feelings of being different than other family members. While Ms. Nepa had interracial adoption in mind, I would say that this sweet little book could work for any kind of blended family situation.

Published by Tribute Books, Red in the Flower Bed retails for $12.95 in print. You can purchase in other formats, visit here to check out options and pricing. They offer a sample of the book for preview as well.

You can keep up to date on other offering from Tribute Books by following them on Twitter or liking them on Facebook. Andrea Nepa also has a fan page on Facebook.

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