Friday, December 17, 2010

The True Book Addict review

The True Book Addict
December 17, 2010

Book Tour: Red in the Flower Bed by Andrea Nepa
by Michelle Miller

Red in the Flower Bed is a book written to help children understand adoption, specifically interracial adoption. The seed cannot thrive and survive next to its "mother" so she sends it in the wind to find a place where it can. Eventually, the seed finds a place amongst other flowers, not of its species, but it fits in none the less. The wording is simple, but poetic and would be easy enough even for small children to understand. The illustrations are also simple, but no less beautiful. I recommend this picture book...not only for adopted children, but for all children. It really is a good story showing that it's okay to be different and that you can still fit in.

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