Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sober Catholic review

Sober Catholic
December 28, 2010

Red in the Flower Bed
by Paul S.

This month I’ve been asked by Tribute Books to review “Red in the Flower Bed” by Andrea Nepa. It is a nice illustrated children’s story about interracial adoption.

At first I wasn’t going to do it as I couldn’t figure out how it might apply to the purpose of this blog, that of recovering from addictions, but then I remembered one of my favorite lines from AA’s “Big Book”:

“We are people who normally would not mix.”

Just as in 12 Step Meetings we quickly learn to look past obvious differences to hear and accept the message that the person has to offer, we learn from this nice little book that “We have a complete rainbow” when we accept others into our family, even though they are different from us. That difference within a unity can be a strength if we acknowledge, accept and cherish our differences as something that makes the whole community greater.

It is a lovely book and nicely introduces interracial acceptance to wee little kiddies.

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