Monday, November 30, 2009

Mommy PR reviews "Red in the Flower Bed"

Mommy PR,
November 29, 2009

Red in the Flower Bed: Children's Book Review
by Dawn Speese

Taking on a subject that is near and dear to my heart Red in the Flower Bed, by Andrea Nepa is an adorable children’s book about interracial adoption.

The story follows a seed’s journey from her original home to her final destination with her new garden family where, although different, she is a perfect fit. The book is beautifully written in a simple and touching way.

I read the story to my 6 year old daughter who has been home with us for two years and she also loved it. I was not sure how she would react since she always gets emotional if she feels like someone is losing something or being left out. She did not relate the book to herself, but was very happy for the flower seed who safely settled into her new home, and since she loves flowers she enjoyed the illustrations as well. When we finished the story I was able to use it to open discussion with my daughter about how even though the seed did not start out with this flower family, she was very well loved and completed the family just like she herself completes our family.

About the author: Andrea Nepa is the author of Red in the Flower Bed: An Illustrated Children’s Story about Interracial Adoption. She is the mother of an daughter adopted from Vietnam in 2001. In 2008 Andera wrote and dedicated this book to her daughter Leah.

My thoughts: This is a fantastic book to add to your child’s book collection and a wonderful gift for any family that has been touched by adoption. I am always on the lookout for ways to encourage open discussions with my daughter and this book is a perfect tool for helping with that!

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